Monday, 14 March 2016

Ishwar Mining- A leading Mining Company in India

Mining is a complex process which results in extraction of minerals and metals. It is actually digging out the minerals from the earth's crust via various techniques. This process plays an important role for the economy growth. The materials mined via this industry are used as the inputs for services and processes along with consumer goods provided by other industries as well, like construction, manufacturing, communication and similar one. Mining in India also follows the same scenario to make most for the economy.

Kinds of Minerals focused during mining-

Non Metallic are sand, gravel, clay, and other which can be used as chemicals and fertilizers.
Metallic are the ores like bauxite, copper, gold, iron, lead, and silver.

2 Types of Mining-

Surface Mining or strip mining is done when the minerals are near the earth's surface. This is more cost- effective and and requires less workers to manufacture same quantity of ore which can be done through other mining processes.

In this process, firstly the blast is done with explosives, and then big earthmoving equipments like draglines and power shovels are used to scoop off layers of soil and rock which is covering the mineral bed. The minerals can also be broken if required via explosives. 

Underground Mining is the case where minerals lies deep below the surface of earth. For making such kind of mine, firstly two or more openings are digged deep into the earth near the area where there are fair chances of finding minerals. These tunnels may be either vertical, horizontal or sloping in shape. While one opening is for ventilation while other serves as the path for transporting the mined rock, and also allows miners to move in and out of the mine.

Ishwar mining is among one of the leading mining companies in India, and stood as a pioneer in mineral mining industry with unmatched quality and high standards from years. We deal in mining and processing of Pyrophyllite and Diaspore.